Smile Makeover

If you feel you have a bad smile, your dentist can give you one that dazzles the crowd. There are many treatment options available:-

1. Tooth-colored Fillings

Fillings of composite resin, or porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns resemble the natural tooth and are more esthetic.

2. Whitening

Tobacco use, drinking coffee or tea, wine etc. can stain your teeth. Teeth also tend to darken with age. Whitening is a procedure by which you can lighten the color of your teeth. It can be done either professionally by your dentist or by using at-home kits. Professional whitening is stronger than at-home.

3. Orthodontics

If your teeth are crooked and out of alignment, orthodontic braces can straighten them and make them look good. But traditional metallic braces can give you a metallic smile. The good news is that nowadays clear plastic and ceramic braces are also available. Sometimes the brackets can also be attached to the back of your teeth so that they are less conspicuous.

4. Crown-lengthening

If you have a “gummy” smile, that is a smile with too much gum exposure or too small teeth, then crown-lengthening can make your smile look better. In this procedure the dentist will remove a small portion of your gums to lengthen your teeth. Some amount of bone may also be removed to improve esthetics.

5. Enamel Shaping

Uneven teeth, or malformed teeth can be corrected to look better by shaping the outer surface of the teeth.

6. Veneers

They are tooth-colored materials placed over the front surfaces of your teeth to improve the smile. They can hide stained teeth, uneven teeth etc.

When You Have Decided to Improve Your Smile

Visit your dentist to talk about the options available to you once you decide to get a smile makeover. If you have any dental disease, it is important to get it treated before you undergo any cosmetic treatment.

Discuss your expectations with your dentist to make an informed and realistic decision. You can ask your dentist if there will be any anesthesia or other adjunct procedures.

Always discuss the cost of the treatment before the procedure. This will help you determine if the treatment is covered in your dental plan. The dental office may also accept credit cards or may direct you to other health care financing companies to ease the payment.

Your dentist can show you before and after shots of people who have already undergone the treatment. Sometimes they may have softwares that can show you how your treatment will turn out to look like.

Discuss with your dentist about the practices to maintain the smile once you get the treatment. Enquire if there will be a period before you get accustomed to the treatment done. Ask about replacements.

A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Consult with your dentist to get one today.

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