Fluorides: Protect Your Teeth Against Decay

Tooth decay is a painful condition that can be prevented if you follow good oral hygiene practices and use the protective action of fluorides.

Where does your tooth get fluoride from?

Fluoride and its decay-protective action is reaped either by taking oral fluorides or applying it directly to the tooth surface. But too much fluoride is also not a good thing. Fluoride is best when used in “just the right amount”.

Fluoride is usually added to drinking water in an optimal concentration if it is not present in the water naturally. This process is called “water fluoridation”. If you feel your community’s water doesn’t have an optimal level of fluoride in it, contact the community dentist and bring it to their attention.

When fluoride is directly applied onto tooth surfaces, it is called “topical fluoride”. In the form of fluoridated toothpastes and mouthrinses, these are sold over-the-counter, but they can also be applied professionally by your dentist in the form of fluoride varnishes and gels.

Benefits of Water Fluoridation:-

  • Reduces tooth decay by 25% in both adults and children.

  • Benefits everyone in the community, including those without access to dental treatment.

  • Economical because the cost of lifetime water fluoridation is less than that of a single filling.

  • Protects your teeth without any extra effort. You will reap benefits through drinking water.

  • It is easy to fluoridate water supply.


  • If you drink bottled water, check the label for presence of fluoride. Sometimes bottled water do not contain optimal levels of fluoride in them.

  • Home water purifiers, like reverse osmosis units, can remove the fluoride present in your water supply. Contact the manufacturer for details regarding the same.

Is Water Fluoridation Safe?

Extensive research has been done on the effects of fluoride on the health of the teeth and the rest of the body over the past 65 years. Water fluoridation is deemed safe by the American Dental Association, World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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